Diane Biehler

I love my classes at le Poire. Prior to starting lessons with Joyce in 2012, I had no previous art training. But Joyce was wonderful, working with me individually to get me started. Her personal instruction and the relaxed atmosphere made for a class that is fun, interesting and informative. I can’t think of a better learning environment.

Although I started with brushes, I soon moved to using palette knives and really like the process. And I was tickled with what I was able to do. All the students are at different levels, and I really enjoy their company and encouragement. I look forward to every class. It’s my favorite part of each week!

Butterflies, birds and blue skies are some of my favorite subjects to paint. My husband takes the reference photos, so there’s never a shortage of subject matter. I’ve haven’t shown or sold any of my paintings…..so far, it’s just for family and friends.

Lady Monarch by Diane BiehlerBluebird_I__by_Diane_Biehler Cafe al Fresco by Diane BiehlerFullSizeRender