Dina Russo

 My name is Dina Russo and I am from Pittsburgh, PA. “My life will be a canvas that screams glorious masterpiece”. This is the inspiration for each piece of work I create. I try to create work that touches the human soul. I put my vulnerability as a human being on canvas and share it with the world, my pain, happiness, sadness, etc. Each piece has something in it that viewers can relate to, whether they realize it or not. Art is beautiful and I want my pieces to portray that. Art breathes life. I work with several mediums, oils, watercolors, pastels and acrylic paint. Sometimes I use ashes from animals and create memorial paintings that are so real they come to life on the canvas. Sometimes I get visions and that becomes the basis for my next painting.

I started my journey with oil paining in Fall of 2005 where I met Joyce Werwie Perry at a mutual friend’s picnic. I had been searching for an art mentor for quite a while and received many rejections from artists that would not share their knowledge. When asked, Joyce easily and excitedly said yes she would teach me oils.

We started the first lesson with a paint brush, where I quickly became impatient waiting for the end results. At the urging of Joyce I reluctantly, and awkwardly picked up a knife, and soon fell in love with the technique. Now, I rarely pick up a paint brush and I love the texture and results I get with knife painting.

Since meeting Joyce I have improved with each painting and developed many long term friendships with other students.

Being an artist is a gift from God and I can not thing of anything else I would rather do.

Sun Bathers 14" x 28" Oil on canvas with knives - $400.00 Square Cafe 11" x 14" Oil on canvas with knives - $400.00 Butler Street 12" x 24" Oil on canvas with knives - $400.00