Mary Elizabeth Sensebaugh

I have been studying impressionistic knife painting with oils, with Joyce Werwie Perry, since January 2007. I have participated in shows with Astorino employees in 2007 and 2008 at the Third Street Gallery in Carnegie, Pa. I’ve also painting shown paintings with the “Students of le Poire” in various venues over the past seven years.

From the very first lesson, I was fascinated with painting with a knife. Having experimented over the years with watercolor, oils, and acrylics, I felt that painting with oils was my medium, but brush painting never gave me the results I wanted. Joyce is an extraordinary artist and an excellent teacher – from instructions on what to buy and setting up the canvas to paint and guiding you along the way with your painting. The emphasis should be “on your painting” because everyone paints differently and this is not a cookie cutter technique. It’s an expression of each individual artist.

I paint because I have this innate artistic talent that I have to express. It’s a challenging process from deciding what to paint and following through and seeing the end result. Sometimes frustrating, but always satisfying.

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