There is nothing easier than to learn the rules of slot machine. Virtual slots are probably the simplest and affordable casino games. And this is one of the reasons why the genre has acquired a slot wide popularity. In addition to the slots online simplicity, slot machines are available for players of all levels of income. There are slots for the price of $ 0.01 per rotation of the drum up to $ 10 or even $ 20. Some casinos offer slot machines, which contain mini-games, the option of transfer and other interesting configurations, which players can get a winning combination.

Slots rules

Slots rules are very simple. The player must collect a series of identical symbols in a horizontal line on the reels. The player rotates the drum, using lever or button. And in the case with online slots – a computer mouse. When rotating drums stop, the player finds himself in one of two positions: he wins if the symbols match and loses if the characters do not match.

How to bet in slot machines

Players can make both big or small bets, depending on how much they want within the constraints of the rules of the slot. If a player wants to make a low rate, he can choose the minimum (usually around $ 0.25 and sometimes $ 0.01). And he can bet the maximum allowed greater amount, which varies depending on the type of slot machine. Most often there is a button for your maximum bid, which makes the process easy. Rates of players are always displayed on the screen of slot games and can be changed until the drum rotation.

Special moments

Special rules in the slots depend on the game, but often include free spins, a doubling of rates and bonus games. Sometimes for the elite players, beginners or as a promotional offers these benefits to improve their game experience and an additional prize.

Any outcome – a case

The outcome of the drum rotation is determined by a random set of numbers to slot machines and most other video games in the casino. In the floor slot machines as a generator set of numbers stands microchip. Online casino is a mathematical algorithm, which is programmed by the manufacturer of software for the game. All casino software RNG controlled organizations representing a third party.

How to cash their winnings

Now that you’ve learned how to play slots, you’ll probably want to know how to get the win. When players want to do it the same day, they can cash out winnings at the end of the game. As a rule, by using the withdrawal on the screen slots.