No matter where you prefer to play slots – whether it’s a real casino or a virtual one, you can meet the terminology unique to gaming machines. Here we describe some of the most widely used slot terms used in the network and actual slots.

Glossary for slots online:

Playing with the accumulation of bonus (Game Banking):

Implies a kind of “armed bandits”, which in a long game, the player accumulates the bonus amount in the “bank” of the machine. After completing a certain mission in the game, the player gains access to the accumulated rewards in the “bank”. These slots are pushing the players to play longer, as a result of which the player spends more money. If you are playing in land casinos and leave the game before the mission, it means that you leave all the bonuses for the next player.

Online slots Bankroll:

In other words, the gaming budget. To avoid problems with finances as a result of an unsuccessful game, keep your bankroll separate from another money.

Place the maximum bet (Bet Max):

Button on the machine, giving the player the ability to wager the maximum number of coins. This option speeds up game.

Freebie (Comp):

Promotion of the casino proposed by the players for playing the virtual slots of a certain duration. May take the form of free meals, tickets to any representation or gratuity. See also the introductory bonus.

The advantage of the casino (House Edge):

The percentage of the rates calculated in such a way that in the long game casino always wins more than the players do. If the house edge is 5% in any particular game, this means that, ultimately, the casino will get 5 cents for each dollar delivered.

The one-armed bandit:

Old-fashioned name of slot machines, resulting in the fact that all the slots have a lever or “arm”, which should pull over to start the drum.

Payout Ratio (Payback):

The concept of inverse casino advantage. Payout determine what percentage of each dollar staged a slot machine returns to the player. If the slot promises 85 percent return, the player receives 85 cents of every dollar staged, so the house edge in this machine is 15%. Ideally, the rate of return the gaming machine must not be below 90%, particularly when it comes to online slots.

Progressive Jackpot:

Jackpot, which grows as the players place their bets. Vending machines are interconnected single program, which determines the size of the jackpot that grows with each bid, the deposit on any of these machines. Since winning the jackpot requires a very rare combination of symbols, progressive jackpots can reach an incredibly large size. You can win the progressive jackpot, making only the maximum rates.